Larkspur Dreams
By Char
Nov 1, 2007 - 11:49:00 AM

Larkspur Wendell is a woman who knows that the Lord wants her to live each day seeing the beauty and joy around her and she also knows that He wants her to share her joy and enjoyment of life with others.   As an illustrator for children’s books she can bring joy into the lives of children and she is active in her community working through her church to help bring joy to others around her.   Larkspur has many friends, but she doesn’t have that one special person to share her life with.   Larkspur isn’t worried because she knows that God has a plan for her and when the time is right her true mate will appear.   Larkspur was expecting a man to match her joy in living and trust in God, but instead Everett Holden moves in next door and Larkspur realizes God has a different plan for her.

Everett Holden is a man with a mission.   He wants to live in peace and quiet and work.   He doesn’t have time for parties or foolishness; he has devoted his life to hard work and responsibility.   Everett meets Larkspur the day he moves into the house across the street from her and is struck by her beauty, but it soon becomes apparent that Larkspur is not the lady for him because she is much too frivolous with her time.   Larkspur makes it her goal to get Everett to loosen up a little, have some fun and come back to the joy of having the Lord in his life.   Will Larkspur and Everett discover the joy of finding that special someone to share their lives with and will Everett learn to trust in the Lord and discover the joy to be found in each day?   Pick up this excellent book and find out.


LARKSPUR DREAMS is an uplifting and joyful romance filled with laughter, tears and love.   Larkspur is an enchanting lady and the joy she feels through God’s love pours off the pages.   I enjoyed watching Everett start to loosen up and begin experiencing joy in his life.   I also loved the slow and gentle courtship Everett and Larkspur were exploring. This is a wonderful book and after finishing the story and putting down the book I noticed that I spent the rest of the day with a lighter heart and a happier attitude.   This is a book I highly recommend you pick up to bring some joy into your life.

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