Larkspur Road - A Lonesome Way Novel, Book 2

Author: Jill Gregory

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: May 1, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Travis Tanner goes back home to Lonesome Way, Montana to consider a new start after the death of his partner.  Taking a leave of absence from the FBI, Travis is searching for something more than life away from his family.  His adopted stepson hasn't been doing well living with his mom and new stepdad, so Travis agrees to have ten-year-old Grady spend the summer with him at Sage Ranch.  Grady just isn't the same kid Travis remembers, and he realizes Grady's problems are deeper than bad grades and a few fights.

Mia Quinn has never recovered from the day that Travis Tanner broke it off with her when she was sixteen.  There have been others since him, including a now ex-husband, but they never replaced her feelings for Travis, nor healed the pain of their breakup.  A teacher and a quilter, Mia has filled her life with projects, including the upcoming annual quilting fundraiser.  Finding out that her sister needs a place for her daughter to stay while she's honeymooning, Mia readily accepts the chance to spend the summer with her teenaged niece.

Travis and Mia have a past history together as a couple and it's apparent from the beginning that they belong together, even if they haven't realized it yet.  There are hurt feelings to sort out, but where they really seem to soar together is in helping everyone else around them, which in turn proves how well they complete one another.  I rooted for them both throughout the story because they were so cute together, but I especially thought Mia deserved Travis.

Even though I enjoyed Travis and Mia's love story very much, the secondary characters stole my heart.  First of all, Grady is such an adorable kid who really needs a chance to prove himself in Lonesome Way.  Brittany, Mia's niece, is in more trouble than any of them imagine and her story amps up the suspense.  The most heart wrenching character is Aunt Winny.  When she finally decides to tell her story and make amends, find your tissues because this is one of the most touching stories I've ever read.

You can easily read LARKSPUR ROAD as a stand-alone novel, but SAGE CREEK, book one, will introduce some of the characters lightly mentioned in book two and set up the town a bit more for series lovers. 

LARKSPUR ROAD threads people's lives like a well-loved quilt, scraps of this and that, created over time into a warm blanket of love, mended as the years go by while cradling the dreams of past and present.  Jill Gregory knows a quilter's heart and tells their stories as if they're her own.  Beautiful!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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