Last Kiss
By Carol
Jul 25, 2015 - 8:28:05 PM

***image2***Naomi Hays is brilliant. She's also Autistic. While on Spring Break in Cancun, she was kidnapped.

Instead of being sold as a sex-slave, she used her impeccible computer skills to make her captor millions, and to keep herself and her family safe. Eighteen months later, Naomi's Brother has finally found her and broken her out. Except he was shot in the process and when he passed out, his associate Vasily took her for his own computer needs.

Vasily Kuznetsov-Petrovich has been part of the Petrovich Bratva since he was a young boy. He's been watching it disintegrate in front of his face because of the terrible leaders. That's why he killed Sergi, the leader of The Bratva. Before he can become leader and repair The Bratva, he must search for a rare artifact to gain the trust of the Bratva members. But to do that, he needs the help of a genius...

Together, Naomi and Vasily set off in search for their artifact. One thing Vasily wasn't expecting, to have such an intense attraction to Naomi. Despite all of her quirks - and lets face it, Vasily has a lot of quirks of his own, he finds him and Naomi have a lot in common. Naomi has never had feelings for someone the way she does Vasily. That scares her more than anything. Vasily vows he will never hurt Naomi, and he hasn't. He's kept her safe since she's been with him and he assures her as soon as they have what they need, she's free to go. But the longer she's with him, the last thing she wants to do is leave him. With The Bratva, and their lives on the line, will Naomi and Vasily find the arifact, keep themselves alive, and secure The Bratva, all while fighting the attraction neither one of them can deny?

LAST KISS is the third novel in The Hitman Series. Funny, sexy and dangerous are the best words to describe this series. Page after page, you won't be able to put it down until you find out what happens next. Once again, Frederick and Clare have blew it out of the water with this one!

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