Last-Minute Proposal
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 1, 2008 - 9:47:08 AM

Since being dumped by her ex-fiancé Tilly Jenkins has lived a nice safe existence focusing on crafting cakes into works of arts for various events. So how is it she finds herself hanging off the side of a cliff depending on a man she barely knows to ensure her safety and the entire event is being videotaped? Well, her twin brothers thought it would be a good idea to sign her up to participate in a job-swap for charity - they just neglected to tell her until the last minute.

Campbell Sanderson is extremely competent and determined to win the competition. There’s just the little issue of being saddled with Tilly who balks at every little physical activity. At first her discomfort and worry are annoying but as they conquer each obstacle her upbeat sense of humor and chatter begins to endear her to him. He hadn’t intended to be a participant in this competition but when one of the contestants broke his leg Campbell was talked into taking his place.

Tilly and Campbell are polar opposites. He’s all rugged, hard edges with a single-minded determination. She’s a fun caring woman who thinks of others before herself and couldn’t care less about winning. The prize would go a long way toward helping the local hospice and so she suffers through the grueling challenges presented to them on the Scottish terrain. Of course Campbell’s fully in his element, but turn about is fair play.

The next stage of the competition involves Campbell stepping ‘into Tilly’s shoes’ and making a cake for a special event. Campbell’s completely out of his element but he’s positive it can’t be that difficult. The attraction between them that began during the first challenge soon become obvious but neither of them is prepared to cave into their desires. Campbell has taken a job in the U.S. and will be leaving as soon as the competition is over and Tilly has her business and brothers to think of - a relationship between them is out of the question. Still, happily ever after may not be feasible but is there anything wrong with allowing themselves one night of loving? 

With her 50th release Jessica Hart delivers exactly the sort of storyline that has endeared her to readers worldwide. LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL captured my attention from the very first page and kept me riveted through to the very end. These characters quickly began to feel like beloved friends and I found myself laughing and crying along with them. I love a story that ‘speaks’ to my emotional side and LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL certainly delivered on that level. One of the things I especially loved about this story is Campbell and Tilly’s reactions to each other and how their differences provide such a fascinating contrast. LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL is a fun opposites attract story that I could easily read over and over -definitely a book I’ll be making space for on the keeper shelf.





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