Last One Home

Author: Debbie Macomber

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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LAST ONE HOME is packed with emotions that Cassie needs to release in order to get on with her life.  Coming from an abusive marriage she is intent on getting her, and her twelve year old daughter's, life back on track.  Easier said than done but Cassie works hard to do what she has to in order to provide for them both.  The cloud hanging over her is her thirteen year estrangement from her family.

Macomber's LAST ONE HOME sets the stage with a prologue that tells us a little of what's to come involving the three sisters, Karen, Cassie and Nichole.  While the story centers around Cassie and her daughter, Amiee, the story flows effortlessly and we get to see the many dimensions to each of them especially how they have been hurt by Cassie's estrangement. Amiee is like a sponge wanting to know all about the family she's never met.  Cassie has so many walls around her that even her friends, including Steve, her love interest find it hard to knock them down.  Watching her and Steve take a step forward and two or three back was heartwrenching at times.  Steve had his own issues to deal with since his wife had died three years earlier from cancer.  They were good solo but even better together.  The many kindnesses shown to her by others were heartwarming especially since she found it hard to let others in.  There were family, friends, anger, fear, heartache, tears, sadness, happiness, laughter, romance and love but always an underlying sadness and tenseness.  There was a wonderful happily ever after in the offing and some closure with the epilogue but it didn't go far enough for me.  There were a few loose ends that needed to be sewn up for me to give it a higher rating.

Macomber is one of my favorite authors and I've enjoyed many of her series including CEDAR COVE, BLOSSOM STREET and ROSE HARBOR INN as well as many of her stand alone books.  I look forward to reading many more that she pens whether part of a series or not.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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