Last Chance Book Club

Author: Hope Ramsay

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: March 26, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Savannah White wanted to return home to Last Chance away from her interfering ex-mother-in-law and her own disapproving mother. Although she shared a custody agreement with her ex-husband Greg, he has made no attempts to see their son Todd. So when she received word that her uncle had passed away, she used the opportunity to move herself and Todd to Last Chance. She misses her grandfather, who had left her Kismet, the only theater in town. With a large movie theater in the next town as well as the opportunity today of watching movies at home, Kismet went broke and now sat, growing more dilapidated by the day. When her aunt Miriam puts the idea of opening a dinner theater at Kismet, Savannah longs to make her long held dream come true, but she doesn’t have the money or the know how to bring it about. There is another problem in Last Chance. Dash, the man whom Savannah considers her cousin is also staying at her aunt’s and Savannah can’t help recalling the pranks he pulled on her as a child nor is she too enthused about the rumors she has heard about him. She definitely did not want him as a role model for her twelve-year-old son who lived on his handheld PSP. In fact, one of her reasons for returning to Last Chance was to get her son outdoors and exercising more.

Dash Randall had grown up with Savannah, who arrived every June to spend the summers in Last Chance. Both children were two fatherless, but Dash was also motherless. They had grown up with their grandfather as an example of how a person should live his life. In high school, he had fallen for Hettie, who left him in his senior year on the same day that he signed his first major league contract. She had married someone else and although she is a widow now, she still refuses to have anything to do with him. One drunken night, accepting a dare by another woman to take a motorcycle ride, he had been involved in an accident and messed up his leg, ending his sports career. For the past two years, he has been attending AA and staying sober. Seeing Savannah again, he can’t get over how well she has grown up, but he has always known her as being spoiled, even nicknaming her Princess, a name she hated.

Loving to cook, Savannah helps her aunt by taking over the preparation of meals, something a princess would not do. As Dash spends time with her, he begins to fall in love and even wants to help her financially with Kismet, despite her refusal. Savannah is also attracted to Dash and is trying to make sense of her feelings and how they will affect her son. Can the two finally make peace so they can have a future together?

Cheered on by the town to renovate Kismet, Savannah comes into a grant, not knowing it is secretly financed by Dash. But mysterious accidents begin to happen at Kismet. With the past enmity between Dash and Savannah, he becomes the prime suspect. Can they find the culprits and clear Dash’s name before someone gets hurt?

A heartwarming tale, LAST CHANCE BOOK CLUB is the passionate, humorous tale of people in the small town of Last Chance. It is sure to leave readers longing for a Last Chance of their own. Southern charm, quirky characters, touching experiences, passion, humor, romance, secrets, matchmaking, danger, romance and love prevail in award winning author Hope Ramsay’s latest lovely contribution to her inspiring LAST CHANCE series. I have enjoyed all of the books in this delightful series and could not help devouring this one. Although it is not necessary to read the other books in this series to understand this one, I highly advise that you check those books out and give yourself an opportunity to meet the amusing people of Last Chance who crop up often in Ms. Ramsay’s other books in this series. I, for one, am thrilled to be able to revisit these characters with each new LAST CHANCE book Ms. Ramsay writes. So if you are looking for an emotional, yet fun, tale of a close knit small town and its delightfully unusual, but loveable, residents, this is the book for you. I highly recommend it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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