Last Chance Christmas
By Dottie
Dec 14, 2012 - 1:24:00 PM

Photojournalist Lark Chaikin travels to the war-torn areas of the world and her photos have won her a Pulitzer Prize. But a recent trip in which her friend, another photojournalist, was killed has left her emotionally scarred after she captured his death with her camera. Had she been a little faster, it could have been her instead of him. Returning home, she helped to nurse her father, Abe, who had cancer, but she didn’t know if she could ever go back to her career with the camera. Then her father’s recent death sent her to South Carolina to fulfill his last request. He wanted to be returned to the town of Last Chance and his ashes scattered at the eighteenth hole of Golfing for God putt-putt golf course there, where he claimed to have found himself years earlier. However, when she arrives, she finds that the golf course is closed and under renovation. She also discovers that her father had left town under a cloud of suspicion many years ago. At the time he left, there had been a death in town and his sudden departure left folks believing that he was the killer, although the death had been ruled an accident. The person who died was the grandfather of the present town chief of police.

Ex-Marine Stonewall ‘Stone’ Rhodes, the chief of police of Last Chance, lost his wife a few years ago to a drunk driver. Since then, he has had no social life. No other woman has sparked his interest. After all, his deceased wife Sharon had been his soul mate. No one could take her place, although the Christ Church Ladies’ Auxiliary matchmakers are trying their best. Left with two daughters, he is doing his best to raise them. But since then, one of his daughters, Haley, claims to see a Sorrowful Angel who stays in his room at night, weeping over him. He does not believe the angel exists and just wants it to disappear from his daughter’s life. But lately, the angel has been speaking to Haley and telling her that Stone needs to find room in his heart for love. Many of the people of Last Chance are after Stone to make Lark leave town, refusing to let her spread her father’s ashes. One of the major proponents of this idea is his father, who owns the golf course, along with the Christ Church Ladies’ Auxiliary, who are helping to renovate it.


Unlike her father, Lark is not a troublemaker, but her inquiries into her father’s past are stirring up trouble in the small town and Stone seems to be stuck in the middle. Although Stone’s father is adamantly against Lark spreading her father’s ashes at his golf course, he sends her off to seek the approval of the church ladies. Soon the town is divided with some believing the long held assumption that her father is a murderer, while others are interested in finding out what really happened. Neither Stone nor Lark are interested in a romantic relationship, but neither can deny the sparks that fly when they are together. Whenever they are together, they seem to argue, but there is also a connection between them. As they spend time together, looking into the past events, their connection grows. But Lark is scheduled to leave on another assignment on Christmas day. Will she leave the close knit small town and the man she loves, or will she stay in Last Chance and give them a chance at a future together?

A touching, yet fun, tale, LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS, the latest book in talented author Hope Ramsay’s LAST CHANCE series, is a witty, heartwarming contemporary romance that will keep readers avidly turning pages to see what happens next. Quirky characters, humor, small town dynamics, discrimination, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, secrets, murder, surprising plot twists, romance, love, forgiveness, angels and a bit of Christmas magic, this is a wonderful story for the holidays or any time of year. For additional insight into the story, I advise reading the rest of this delightful series, starting with WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE. However, LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS is still a delightful story on its own. Stone’s romantic life really starts in the novella LAST CHANCE BRIDE, which is about Stone and Sharon. The subplot of Stone’s oldest daughter Lizzy in LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS is sure to test the mettle of some of the characters in the small town. Her story is one I look forward to reading in more detail. In the meantime, I highly recommend reading LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS. Do not miss it!

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