Last First Kiss, Bk. 2, La Fleur de Love Series

Author: Lori H. Leger

Publisher: Lori H. Leger

Release Date: September, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jackson Broussard is a sexy man who lost his wife in a tragic accident.  Jackson was extremely unhappy in his marriage but did not realize the extent of her cruelty until she died.  He is determined to help Giselle and her children after the loss of his best friend.  What Jackson does not realize is the depth of love he discovers for Giselle.  Will Jackson finally find the love he so richly deserves? 

Giselle Granger is a beautiful woman who has everything.  On one tragic day she lost one of the most precious things to her, her husband.  Giselle cannot cope and care for her beautiful daughters.  She has lost all hope and wants to stay in the dark corner she has placed herself in.  With the help of a friend, Giselle is slowly coming out of her cocoon and starting to live again.  But she will not allow herself to fall in love and forget the man she was married to.  Will Giselle be able to open her heart again and let love soothe her soul?

Or will the heartache of loss cause a blossoming love to wither and die?

FIRST LAST KISS is a tale of two people who overcome surmounting obstacles in order to find love and joy again.  Lori H. Leger pens a romance that will break your heart and then have your heart leaping for joy.  I really enjoyed reading about Jackson and Giselle.  And the secondary characters are just as wonderful and fun.  I cheered when Giselle and Jackson found love in the midst of tragedy. 

Jackson is a handsome man who is funny and charming.  After the hurt and pain that he endured for so many years, it was nice to see him finally be happy and loved.

Giselle is a charming woman who broke my heart.  I cheered for her throughout the whole tale to let love back into her heart.  She did not want to let go of the past but knew she had to continue living for her children.

If you are looking for a sweet romance that will warm your heart, then I would suggest reading FIRST LAST KISS by Lori H. Leger



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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