Last Voyage Of The Valentina
By Kerensa Wilson
Jun 1, 2006 - 12:00:00 PM

Alba Arbuckle has a series of lovers and a vibrant group of friends, none of whom make up for the emptiness she feels from never having known her mother, Valentina, who died when she was a baby. With the help of her close friends, she hatches a plot to discover the place where Valentina lived.  Here she will find the truth about her mother's history as well as her own.

Alba spends her days shopping and being entertained by her lovers, until the fateful day she finds a drawing of her mother hidden in her boat. She then schemes with her friends Viv and Fitz, to find out the history of her mother which has been kept from her. It will take her on a journey that will travel through not only the past but Italy as well to discover not only the truth about her mother, but who she really is.

LAST VOYAGE OF THE VALENTINA is a vivid novel about a young womans quest to find the history that has been denied to her, and the future that she deserves.  Santa Montefiore has given her readers a beautiful novel with lively characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and recommend it to everyone. It is so gorgeously written, that I truly felt as if I had gone from England to Italy myself with Alba. This is a must read, must buy, will love novel! I am happy to give it a 5 ribbon rating!

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