Late Bloomer

Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Simon and Shuster

Release Date: Jan 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Cady Jordan is home at last. A childhood accident left a neighborhood bully dead and Cady herself, seriously injured with no memory of the events surrounding the tragedy. Now, twenty years later Cady is called home to help care for her outrageous grandmother and to seek to truth surrounding the death of Jeff King, whose death and Cady's own involvement still remained unexplained. To uncover the truth she needs to overcome the overwhelming fear that has ruled her life for twenty years and face the friends who left her to take the blame.  But even as she slowly renews old friendship and gains confidence in herself, forces work against her; desperate to keep the truth hidden.

Boomer Ward is home at last. Now the new Chief of Police, Boomer is in charge of keeping the peace in Indigo Valley; quite the different role for him after years of tagging along after the bully Jeff King. Captivated by Cady at first sight, Boomer is determined to help her find her way through the shadows of the past. Cady is drawn to Boomer despite their past, but can their budding relationship withstand the truth and Boomer's own role that fateful day.

LATE BLOOMER is a wonderful story of a woman struggling to overcome the tragedy of her childhood and become the woman she was always meant to be. I loved the characters in this great book. Each and every one held a vibrancy that brought them right off the page. From the malevolence of Jeff King to the spunkiness of the elderly trio, all the characters held a true sense of life. This book was not just about romantic relationships but also about the relationships of a family and most importantly the relationship one has with themselves. Fern Michaels has created a wonderful and poignant story that will be a treasured addition to any bookshelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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