Late Harvest
By Sherri Myers
Feb 4, 2011 - 3:54:45 PM

Glenna Ryan was orphaned at age seven and was raised by Otto von Daniken, owner of California’s Cresthaven Winery, where her mother had worked as a bookkeeper before her death. She was taught viticulture by Otto; and later, while working closely with him, developed a method of making wine from grapes damaged by frost. 

Kurt von Daniken has been attracted to Glenna Ryan since he came to Cresthaven as a young man.  He resisted her beauty when he found out she was just fifteen, but when she turned eighteen he could no longer ignore his strong feelings for her.  But then after being caught by his Uncle Otto in a compromising position with Glenna, Kurt was forced to make the choice between her and Cresthaven. He chose Cresthaven and Glenna left the winery in disgrace. But when she left five years ago, Glenna took more than the secret to making Eiswein (Ice Wine) with her. 


Now Kurt needs Glenna to return to the struggling Cresthaven because he desperately needs the formula for making Eiswein.  His uncle Otto was the only other person with the secret, and with him near death, Kurt really must find a way to keep the winery above water, which production of Eiswein would do.  When he shows up on Glenna’s doorstep insisting she return to Cresthaven with him, she realizes she has no other choice than to do so.  The secret she has been hiding from Kurt comes to light as her five-year-old son’s existence is revealed.  In order to pay for surgery to correct his birth defect, Glenna knows she must put her heart on the line and return to Cresthaven with the only man she has ever loved.  Will Kurt and Glenna ever be able to put the past behind them and realize how much they truly love each other?


LATE HARVEST is the perfect title for this interesting story about wine-making using frozen grapes.  Suzanne Barrett presents readers with a novel that has just enough characters to keep track of, and I enjoyed the secondary characters almost as much as the main ones.  Uncle Otto was a tyrant, but Kurt later tried to make amends to the winery workers for their mistreatment at Otto’s hands.  The details of the inner workings of the winery enlightened me to a subject I knew nothing about.  Glenna was a good mother trying to do the best for her child, while I found Kurt to be rather cold and stuffy at times, but once he loosened up he was more likeable, especially in his interactions with Glenna’s (and unbeknownst to him, his) son, Robbie.  The sexual tension between Kurt and Glenna is strong, and the couple love scenes are sensual and not graphic, making this a sweet love story for almost any reader.

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