Late Night Commute
By Teri Chapman
Dec 17, 2003 - 12:53:00 AM

Karlie Blake is working late one night, later than usual. She is a creature of habit, but tonight she needed to complete some work. In completing her work she loses track of time and ends up leaving very late. If she lived in the city it would not be a problem but she commutes on the subway outside the city. Because she is slightly apprehensive of this she starts thinking about escape routes and things she can do in case someone mugs her or something worse. Once done she sets out to catch her train. 
At the subway she sees a gorgeous looking man smiling at her and she responds in kind. They have some minor conversation and he asks her out, she declines because she doesn’t know him. Her train comes and she says goodbye and steps on. Once seated and comfortable she looks around and sees a few people here and there and decides to relax until her stop. As she is doing this she sees someone sit across from her, it turns out to be the mystery man she met while waiting for the train. They are the only ones on the train that seem to be awake or aware.  While talking he starts lightly flirting with her and moves into bolder moves by kissing her. She is turned on but she also doesn’t want to be. He persists and more things happen, not necessarily with her cooperation. She is mentally unwilling but her body is enjoying all the wonderful things that it is experiencing. She continues to fight her response to this attractive and alive man, whom she does not know. It is a long way to her exit and in between it all they have a masterful encounter.  Karlie is shocked that this stranger seems to know what buttons to push to get her unwilling responses to his shocking behavior. She is helpless to do anything but respond even knowing they are on the subway in front of multiple people, who may be unaware but at any moment may see. The end of this story is shockingly surprising and well worth reading.

I enjoyed this book. The premise of a gorgeous unknown man making advances in a forbidden or public arena is a fantasy that many women have. Ms. Bonde pulls this story off beautifully. I was very apprehensive when I started reading this book, because it sounds very strong in the coercion of the heroine and that did scare me. But Ms. Bonde has tied it all together wonderfully. I was titillated and scared but I could not stop reading the story, even in the moments of what appeared to be some very strong coercion. However, the love scenes are hot enough to blister your eyes but sensual enough to make you wish you could trade places with this heroine. For those not into coercion and fantasy play this is not the book you want to read. But for those that are looking for something different and refreshing this is a story that you would want to pick up and read. There are some challenging scenes that may intimidate some readers but complete the story and you will get some very funny and interesting surprises that will bring a smile to your face.

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