Laurel Heights

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Release Date: 3/3/12

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Living in the closet isn’t easy for Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison. To avoid the hassles associated with being gay in the law enforcement world they’ve constructed heterosexual personas to hide their true sexual preferences. They’re in the closet and plan on staying there.

Under normal circumstances Scott and Will aren’t the best of friends. When they’re ordered to investigate a suspicious murder/suicide in an exclusive gay residential neighborhood by pretending to be lovers, they’re less than thrilled. Can they play the roles of committed partners without revealing their true feelings to each other? And what about the killer? Is he living among them, and can they discover his identify before he strikes again?

LAUREL HEIGHTS is the latest release by Lisa Worrall. It’s an entertaining look into the lives of two closeted cops forced to go undercover as lovers. The opening starts off a little slower than I expected as the story is set up – explaining why the investigation is happening and other typical police procedural things. What’s obvious from the beginning and done so well is how much Scott and Will dislike each other—at least on the surface. Their emotions at getting stuck together in a situation that could expose their orientation opens up lots of anger and results in plenty of snappy, bantering dialogue. Sometimes I wondered if they’d ever stop fighting enough to realize how they felt, but once they finally get together they’re protective, possessive and sizzling hot.

Please be aware that the book is heavy on the romance and light on the investigation. Now back to the villain—this guy is psycho-creepy and the author kept me guessing about his identity. It’s during this portion of the story that the pace picks up, filling the scene with anger, pain, danger, fear and near death.

There are some great secondary characters in the story. Grace and Julie, the female police partners, are wonderful; they’re supportive, great back-up and good friends. Then there’s Todd, Damon and Cal. I liked all three of these men and while I’d love to tell you more about them, I don’t want to give away too much of the story or ending. Be aware that from the cliffhanger epilogue I expect to see more of them in a sequel. Enjoy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gayle

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