Lawyers In Love: Bittersweet Homecoming
By Bea Sigman
Sep 7, 2003 - 8:24:00 AM

After being held captive for seven years, Gray has returned home.  For Andi, the man she thought was dead is back and she has some serious decisions to make.

The only thing that kept Gray Syzmanski sane during the seven years he was held captive in South America were the memories of a sexy red-head and all the erotic things they did.  But now he’s back home and a physical wreck.  Being half blind and partially paralyzed definitely isn’t going to attract her now.


Both get the shock of their lives when Andi finds out that Gray is alive and Gray finds out that he has a son.  With old feelings returning, the desire between the two is stronger then ever.  Gray can’t believe that Andi wants anything to do with him, a cripple.  But Andi’s does and agrees to marry Gray.  Can their relationship withstand Grays’s lack of self-confidence?  Will Andi be able to convince Gray that she truly loves the man he is now?


Grab hold of your seat because Ann Jacob’s takes you on an emotional roller coaster.  She touches on so many different feelings throughout the entire book.  Andi is a very strong character that I immediately liked and respected.  She handled everything that was thrown her way and no matter what, she loved Gray with all of her heart.  Plus we get to catch up with Tony and Kristen from IN HIS OWN DEFENSE.  Once again Ms. Jacobs has written an extraordinary story that pulls you in till the very end. 

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