By Dina Smith
Sep 1, 2005 - 6:52:00 AM

Kira Allen has known Jack Grayson for fifteen years, ever since Kira's brother Mike and Jack became best buddies. Later he became like a brother when Jack's mother kicked him out and Kira's dad insisted he move in with them. Now that they are all grown up Kira is not sure where Jack fits into her life; friend, protector, brother, or maybe something entirely different than she ever expected.

Tom Allen was like a father to Jack and when he was on his death bed he asked Jack to promise that he would take care of Kira and find her a husband. Since that time Jack has tried to fulfill that promise, he even got Kira a job co-piloting with him at Pan Air but finding a husband for Kira was proving to be a much bigger challenge. Kira changed her men like she changed her underwear, which was probably a good thing because they were all losers according to Jack.

Kira was tired of Jack chasing away all her would be suitors, at this rate she was never going to find a husband. Lately things between Kira and Jack have been changing; their feeling for each other seemed to be moving in a different direction. Determined to explore these new feelings further Kira comes up with the perfect plan to make each others fantasies come true. During layover's they would be together in all sense of the word and when they were home it would be business as usual, no strings.

Kira finds herself falling in love with Jack but when she learns about his promise to her father it leaves Kira wondering, is it love or duty that Jack is feeling?

LAYOVER is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. The story was sensual and sweet, I felt like I was right there with Jack and Kira feeling everything they felt for each other. The love scenes were HOT and plentiful and their friendship was truly genuine. Mrs. Hardin has done an awesome job in creating a story that is a definite must read for all romance fans.

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