Lazaro’s Revenge
By Dina Smith
Nov 10, 2003 - 2:10:00 PM

When Dante Galvan first approached Lazaro Herrera with the request to kidnap his sister-in-law Lazaro thought he was crazy. But after much consideration Lazaro realized this would fit right in with his own plans.

When Lazaro’s father Count Tino learned that Sabana was going to have his child she was sent away. When Lazaro was born he was never accepted by the Galvan family. Now he has grown up, and he wants revenge on the family that denied his existence.


Zoe Collingsworth is on her way to visit her sister Daisy in Argentina when she finds herself being kidnapped. Zoe becomes a pawn in Lazaro’s hostile takeover of Galvan Enterprises. As Zoe finds herself falling in love with Lazaro, she is caught in the middle with her love for him and her loyalty to her sister. Can Lazaro let go of his anger and plans for revenge to keep the one thing he has never had.. Love and acceptance?


Jane Porter has done it again with her Galvan Family series. Lazaro’s Revenge is the second book in the continuing saga of The Galvan Family. This is a sensual story with two characters that will leave you breathless. Don’t miss this great book as Lazaro learns that sometime Revenge is not so sweet…..








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