Lead Me On
By Cheryl McInnis
Jan 10, 2010 - 9:42:35 AM

Jane Morgan has left her shameful youth behind and created a completely new persona; she is now the super efficient, conservative and always dependable office manager to Architect Quinn Jennings.  The new Jane is always dressed tastefully, and she only dates perfect men who will make perfect husbands and perfect fathers.  Jane thinks that she finally has overcome her past, but when the big, tough owner of Extreme Excavations strolls his tattooed self into her office, Jane can't help but remember what it was that made being a bad girl so much fun.  That makes W.O. Chase very dangerous to the new and improved Jane Morgan

When William Chase entered the offices of Jennings Architecture, for some reason the tightly buttoned up and very proper woman behind the desk caught his eye.  Ruffling her perfect feathers gives Chase a thrill, and the more he sees of Jane Morgan, the more he wants to see.  After getting to know the real Jane beneath the façade though, Chase realizes that she is the woman he wants forever.

After Jane's younger brother is arrested and charged with murder, Jane's carefully constructed life begins to fall apart.  To her surprise, and dismay, Chase is there to help her pick up the pieces and clear Jessie's name.  The more time Jane spends with Chase, the more she realizes that he is the perfect man for her.  When Jane's scandalous past threatens to be exposed, will the friends she has made still accept her, and more importantly, will Chase?

I enjoyed reading author Victoria Dahl's two previous Harlequin contemporaries; TALK ME DOWN and START ME UP so I was eagerly anticipating LEAD ME ON, and I definitely was not disappointed.  LEAD ME ON is a fast-paced, sexy and very heart-wrenching story of a woman who needs to let go of the past and learn to accept and love herself as she is.  Jane isn't a typical romance novel heroine, but she is very gritty and real, and that comes across perfectly in LEAD ME ON.  Ms. Dahl is quickly proving herself to be a master at creating fun and sensual stories, which leave the reader more than satisfied and I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers next.

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