Lead Me On
By Sarah W
Jan 1, 2010 - 8:34:08 PM

After a less than normal childhood, highlighted by numerous visits to prisons to visit her new “daddy,” Jane Morgan is just looking for a normal, nine-to-five man. Sure, her current ex was boring her to pieces, but that does not mean she is going to give into her lust for explosions specialist, William Chase, a man with tattoos, muscles, and sex appeal pouring off him in waves.

Chase is very interested in prickly Jane. Her stern façade turns him on in a big way, but she keeps turning him down. Until, an unexpected phone call from Jane puts him on the top of the moon. Their night together is sensational and Chase is definitely hoping for more but Jane has cut and run. Now he is just plain furious! But things have become more complicated in Jane’s life than just a furious one-night stand. Her younger brother is being implicated in a murder and Jane is scared that he will follow the family tradition of bad decisions leading to jail time.

Chase is sticking to Jane like glue. He will help her through this situation and hopefully, she will see past his exterior to the hardworking, responsible, and kind man he is. After all, she already knows he is the most desirable man she has ever met. But will Jane be able to give in to their attraction when her past keeps creeping back into her present?

Jane and Chase set this book on fire with chemistry and tangible emotions. Chase is a straight shooter. He wants Jane in his life and he does not want to be her dirty secret. Jane is scared of giving into her feelings for him, of becoming a past version of herself which she has worked hard to eliminate. Unfortunately, memory lingers and if she gives into her passion, she fears she will give into her past. What I truly loved most of all about this book was how open Chase was about his growing feelings for Jane. He wants something more with her, something he knows she could give if she opens her heart and truly forgives her past. He wants her and his open adoration and affection is well, sexy beyond measure! He has a good head on his shoulders, a devoted heart, and the talented bedroom moves to make any woman weak in the knees.

Chase is not immune to troubles in his life. He has not had the best childhood and adolescence either, but he is a good example of a character who has been able to take the past as it is, a wise lesson, but move forward with his goals and dreams. Their wills collide again and again in this story.

LEAD ME ON sets the bar high for contemporary romance. While it is easy to get frustrated with Jane’s attitude about her past sometimes, the more you get to know her, the better you will understand just why she has distanced herself from her family and past behaviors. She is a strong woman who does not know any other way of moving on.

Victoria Dahl does not disappoint. Chase and Jane are combustible characters. LEAD ME ON will have you begging for a re-read even as the story ends.

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