Master of the Shadowlands, Book 4: Lean on Me

Author: Cherise Sinclair

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: March 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Andrea is an untrained submissive who craves her independence but yearns for someone to take control away from her.  Growing up in a less than desirable situation, Andrea knows that the Dom of her dreams will be a man tougher than any bully but one that will be able to handle anything she throws at him.  She knows that in order for a man to be her Master, he has to be willing to accept who and what she is without questions.  With just one look at Master Cullen, the Dom in charge of the Shadowlands submissive program, Andrea feels her heart begin to beat and her palms begin to sweat.  Her destiny comes in a mighty tall drink of water but her acceptance of this destiny is hard for Andrea to accept so she does the only thing she can think of to protect herself – she shuts down.  Suffice it to say that Master Cullen is having none of this and takes Andrea’s choices away. 

LEAN ON ME is more than just a story.  It is almost realistic enough that I felt I could see and touch and hear the sighs of both characters in this novel.  Andrea was tough, and she had to be because of the life she grew up surrounded by.  She learned early on that to appear weak could mean a rap or worse, and so her submissiveness was almost hidden from the naked eye.  But not to Master Cullen.  Master Cullen knows exactly what this wondrous but tough woman needs, and he is more than willing to let her experience his brand of submission first hand.  Now, if only he can get her to admit she feels the same. 

Cherise Sinclair’s writing style and ability to tell one heck of a story shine on every single page of LEAN ON ME.  Trust is the name of the game in this thought provoking novel and I was captured by the images and the emotions and the complete love felt by both characters.  I couldn’t have asked for more, and that’s the truth. 

LEAN ON ME is book four of Cherise Sinclair’s SHADOWLANDS series and as such, I recommend reading in order, just to get the back stories.  If this isn’t an option, no worries – LEAN ON ME is fully capable of standing on its own. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie S.

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