Learning To Live Again
By Briana Burress
Jan 1, 2005 - 8:00:00 AM

Deciding that she needs a change from the one sided   going nowhere relationship she is in, Michelle packs her bag and leaves.  Getting as far away from her past as she can, Michelle accepts a job in Vancouver, Canada.  She has a friend that lives there and she will also be able to follow her dream of working with children.

Her first stop on her way to Vancouver is to visit her mother.  Traveling by train, Michelle steps into her cabin and discovers there is a man, Josh, sleeping in her bed.  He was quite dead drunk, so she slept in a chair.  Josh is the promotional manager of his parents company.  He is heading home to celebrate his parents anniversary.  The two then spend their time on the train getting to know each intimately. 


Michelle is looking at her old yearbook when she discovers that Josh attended the same school.  Every minute she spends with Josh is fantastic.  The passion is so great, that she cannot get enough.  But, she tells herself that she is not going to give up her dreams and get emotionally involved ; right? 


LEARNING TO LIVE AGAIN is a heart searching story about Michelle trying to find her true path in life.  Yet Josh is so magnetic in his involvement with her on the train and then again at home, that you want him to win her heart.  Their love story is so passionate that I give S. L. Carpenter a 4 Blue Ribbon Rating.

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