Learning to Let Go

Author: Elizabeth Pina

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: November 20, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Emma has turned to God for help with her hurts.  While her prayers and church work have soothed her pain, it still exists, weighing on her spirit.  Through a chance encounter she and Keith are pushed together, and at first she regards him as just another parishioner searching for his path back to God.  But as he continues to appear in her life, and as she learns more about him and his children, her attachment grows.  Emma can see the pain the death Keith’s wife has caused and that none of the three family members have moved past her loss.  While she loves Keith and the children, she cannot live in another woman’s shadow.

Keith is just so very angry and lonely.  God permitted his former wife not only to pass away, but to suffer in the process.  His family has fallen apart since her death and he is truly alone.  Keith feels God has abandoned him and he therefore has no qualms abandoning God.  Then he encounters Emma, and as he incorporates himself and his children into Emma’s world he must choose to either remain living inside his memories or begin a new life, and convince his family and Emma that his decision is genuine. 


For anyone who has ever experienced loss, LEARNING TO LET GO will take you on an emotional journey of healing and renewal.  Pina develops her characters and plot so fully and so well that the scenes come vividly alive and the reader will forget that she is reading and not standing directly next to the characters.  Also Wonderful are the novel’s secondary characters, who show that nobody is unaffected by loss whether or not it is their own.  Emma and Keith’s hurts, along with their accompanying anger and fears, are relatable, as are the difficult decisions and other hurdles they must each overcome to move away from the past.  The church community surrounding the characters is so wholesome and supportive that you’ll feel their warmth jump from the page.  LEARNING TO LET GO is a soothing and engaging read that teaches the reader that while the past is part of who a person is, one must not permit it control. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Audrey Johnson

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