Leather Boys
By Lacey
Nov 1, 2008 - 2:10:30 PM

Devlin Young is an erotic gay fiction author who decides to join the Leather Boys, a group of motorcycle riding men who set out on the road to Sturgis, a large motorcycle gathering.  His Kawasaki is his pride and joy, a real treat for anyone with a keen eye.  It has been a tradition all his life to attend the Sturgis biker event with his dad, but now he went by himself accompanied only by the members of the Leather Boys.

At his first meeting with the Leather Boys, Dev is introduced to Sam Rhodes, a web-designer who knows what he wants.  The two discover hot passion out on the road, something neither can or want to deny, but Sam is reluctant to show affection in public, especially when one of the other leather-riding boys starts to give them a hard time about their relationship.  Can Dev show Sam how to be who he is or will Sam Rhodes stay closeted forever?


LEATHER BOYS is the story in the MEN IN MOTION series that I highly anticipated.  I loved Devlin’s character and found his relationship with Sam refreshing.  G.A. Hauser definitely delivers with this tale bringing her readers plenty with the motorcycles, tight leather and hot men.  What more could anyone ask for?

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