Leather and Lace: Branded
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2007 - 7:42:55 AM

Eastern Texas, 1879

At the age of five, Emma Radcliff made the monumental announcement that she is going to marry Rafe Sinclair.   She’s done a lot of growing up in the fifteen years since then and has decided that she’s not going to marry at all.   Wearing breeches and working horses on her father’s ranch suits her just fine.   Only her plans are thwarted when her father insists that she marry Rafe - no if’s, and’s, or but’s.


Rafe Sinclair really has no interest in getting married but a stipulation in his grandfather’s will forces the issue.   He has to be married by the time he turns thirty or he loses the Circle S Ranch.   Since he’s known Emma her entire life she seems like a relatively safe choice but the last thing he anticipates is the little hellcat’s insistence that he agree to stay out of her bed.  To make matters worse, little Emma is looking mighty gown up and he’s just discovered that he wants her - in every way.


Since Emma insists on her no sex clause, Rafe counters her with a clause of his own - that she reserves the right to change her mind and void her clause at any time.   Though still not entirely comfortable with the situation Emma agrees but also requests that she be allowed to work with the horses at the Triple R. They’ll both have what they want - well almost.   Things don’t go exactly according to plan.   Emma’s father refuses to allow her to return to work the horses after the marriage takes place, she counterattacks with the insistence that she takes some of the horses with her.  


Rafe and Emma marry but no sooner are the vows spoken then the trouble starts.   Emma’s always been very attracted to Rafe and Rafe is definitely finding it difficult to adhere to her ‘no marital privileges’ clause.   What’s a guy to do when he discovers that is new wife is the sexiest thing on two legs?   Well being a man of his word, he can’t just grab her up and take her to his bed, he’s going to have to seduce her.   Only Emma’s just as stubborn as he is persuasive.   Which one will hold out the longest?


Beth Williamson presents readers with yet another wonderful historical tale with her contribution to the LEATHER AND LACE series - BRANDED.   Emma won me over from the very first page.   She’s so ‘in-your-face’ and not afraid to go against convention that I couldn’t wait to read all about her and find out how or even if Rafe can ‘tame’ her.   Rafe grew up knowing Emma so of course he’s never seen her in any sort of sexual way but he’s seeing her now and practically salivating just thinking about bedding his own wife.   Ms. Williamson even throws in several supporting characters that you’ll love to hate or hate to love, but in either case they’re definitely unique and fun.


Be sure to keep an eye out for the other LEATHER AND LACE series books.   Rebecca Goings contribution HIGH NOON releases on November 13th and Melissa Schroeder’s THE SEDUCTION OF WIDOW MCEWAN to be released on November 20th.

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