Leave It to Claire
By Sherri Myers
Jan 1, 2006 - 9:25:00 AM

Divorced for five years, author Claire Everett has hidden away in the dark recesses of her home for much of the time, writing books that inspire others' lives while hers slowly erodes away.  Now with carpal tunnel surgery looming, Claire is faced with the reality that her mom is moving several states away, her four kids barely recognize her (and she them), and her ex-husband has remarried.  Having consoled herself with food and harboring a deep resentment against Rick after their painful divorce, Claire is overweight, lonely, and completely out of touch with her kids and life in general.

Finally in the light of day after her long hibernation, Claire is shocked to find that her ex-husband and her kids have very little respect for her anymore.  With six weeks of recovery time in which to reconnect with her kids, Claire decides to write a list of goals she would like to accomplish during that time.  However, one she neglected to add was finding love again, but that didn't stop it from happening.


Handsome widower and teacher Greg Lewis takes Claire's breath away and makes her heart beat erratically-or is that just the panic attacks she seems to keep having?  Stress from her life has brought on the attacks, but will Greg's kindness and love help to calm Claire's fears about ever getting her life back in order?


LEAVE IT TO CLAIRE is the first novel in a new series by popular author Tracey Bateman.  Only when Claire lets go of her resentment towards Rick and his new wife, Darcy, and accepts some of the blame for her failed marriage herself, can she begin to experience peace in her life.  Let's just say introspection isn't one of Claire's strongest suits.  Claire is just a regular person struggling to keep her sanity in a life that somehow got off track, and is one readers will identify easily with.  While dealing with some difficult issues, Ms. Bateman has managed to keep this inspirational novel witty and engaging, which has me anticipating the second book about Claire. Entitled CLAIRE KNOWS BEST, it will be released in June, 2006, a date I have marked on my calendar to head to the bookstore.

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