Leave It to Cleavage
By Brooke Wills
Aug 6, 2004 - 9:33:00 AM

***image1***Miranda Smith was simply trying to keep a New Year's Resolution:  to pay her bills on time.  And if she didn't find a postage stamp, her credit card payment was going to be late.  Surely her husband would have one in back of his desk drawer.  Innocently rummaging through it, Miranda comes across some packets of photographs.  Racy photographs.  But she's not alarmed.  After all, her family has manufactured bras and underwear for generations.  Ballantyne Bras is the main employer in the small Georgia town.

But upon further inspection, Miranda makes a shocking discovery. Her burly, well-muscled husband is wearing the bras and panties the company he is CEO of makes. And someone with a French-manicure is squeezing his rump. Tom certainly has a lot of explaining to do when he gets home.  Except it appears he might not be coming home for a long time since Miranda finds his closet and their bank accounts empty.

Things only go downhill from there when Miranda finds out that Tom has not only run off but has also run the business into the ground.  Now it is up to this former Miss Rhododendron to try and save it.  It won't be easy since she can't let anyone know that Tom is gone and French-Manicure works in the accounting department. 

Can it become more complicated?  Oh yeah!  Now Blake Summers, the town's chief of police, is snooping around asking questions that she doesn't want to answer, his daughter is taking Miranda's Miss Rhododendron class against her father's wishes, and she finds the handsome cop way too attractive.

LEAVE IT TO CLEAVAGE is delightful.  Wendy Wax's new book is hilarious, human, and fun.  The attraction between Miranda and Blake sizzles.  The supporting characters are strong in their own right and well developed.  With its humor and story-twists, this author's latest book is definitely a fun and satisfying page-turner.

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