Leave Me Breathless
By Laurie
Mar 16, 2010 - 11:11:40 PM

Callie Robbins took the assignment to guard her boss’s brother, the Honorable Bennett Walker, after threats against him have begun to escalate. She didn’t expect him to be pleased about the situation, but she could never have anticipated the instant attraction sizzling between them. Callie had a bad experience with her superior at the FBI and while most women would have been professionally weakened by the experience, it only served to make Callie stronger and more determined than ever to do her job to the best of her ability. Ben Walker proves to be a challenge from the start. He may not want Callie as his “bodyguard” but he can think of several other things he’d like to do with her.

Bennett Walker is taking the threats against him very seriously, regardless of how nonchalant he’s acting around his brother. Dark secrets have hung heavily on them both for years and they owe their every strength and success to their past. Callie is a bit of a wise-ass and Ben, rather than being turned off by it, finds her sarcasm and eagerness to banter with him surprisingly stimulating. Almost as soon as Ben gets used to having Callie around as his protector, the threats expand to encompass Callie and his concerns about his own safety are forgotten.


HelenKay Dimon always delivers hard-hitting emotion. Not necessarily in your face, crying for attention, but more understated in layers that make themselves known little by little. There’s a story within a story in this book, with the romance of Ben’s brother, Mark, and their long-time friend and fellow judge, Emma. I chose not to mention it because it deserves more than a mere mention.  Frankly, it almost deserves a review of its own, it’s just that good.  Obviously, the secondary characters in this book play a very important part in the telling of Callie and Ben’s story.  LEAVE ME BREATHLESS covers every base and will satisfy every romance reader’s need for intrigue, danger, suspense, romance and sizzle, and I highly recommend it.

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