Leave the Lights On
By Jo
Oct 8, 2013 - 11:00:42 PM

LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON is a quick reading contemporary romance that had characters with so many layers that were slowly peeled back to get to the real them.  Half the fun was seeing new sides to each of them and how they interacted with each other. 

Stivali's LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON drew me in from the beginning and the author did a wonderful job of giving us Sophie, Parker, and Joey's history along with several others while weaving it through the storyline.  Sophie and Parker were so shy around each other and it was fun watching them get to know each other again but at a much deeper level.  Their chemistry combusted every time they were together and all around them could see it.  There were many obstacles thrown in their path and it was interesting to see how they worked through each one with communication being the key.  Joey was living the dream he and Parker had since they were young and it was nice to see their friendship become strong once again after several years of  no contact and how they strove to keep it on an even keel.  Throw in some ex's and the fun began!  There was friendship, family, romance, love, reminisces - some good, some bad - laughter, happiness, sadness and some awkward moments.  There was some closure but I would have liked an epilogue or a few more chapters to tie up the loose ends better unless the author will have us meet up again with Sophie, Parker, Joey and the others in a future book (hint, hint).

I have read several books by Stivali and always enjoyed them.  I look forward to reading additional books by her and she's now a part of my ever growing TBR pile!

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