Leaves of Hope
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2006 - 7:22:00 PM

Beth Lowell had always sensed something was different about her from the rest of her family, but she could never figure out what it was. One day when she was visiting her mom after her father's death, a secret is accidentally revealed that will finally help Beth to realize why she never really fit in.  Opening a box marked 'For Beth', Beth discovers a tea set which contains a piece of paper inside that states it was a gift from Beth's birth father, Thomas Wood.  Who exactly is this Thomas Wood and why has Beth never heard about him before now?

Beth's mother, Jan, refuses to divulge any further details about Thomas, saying he abandoned her to seek his own dreams for the future.  Jan admits never telling Thomas of her pregnancy, but insists the now-deceased John Lowell is Beth's real father--the only one who truly matters.


Against her mother's wishes, Beth makes the decision to search for her birth father, a journey that eventually takes her to a tea estate in Darjeeling, India.  Along the way, Beth meets a man named Miles Wilson, who just happens to be half-owner of the tea company for which Thomas Wood works.  Miles aids Beth in finding Thomas Wood, and becomes quite fascinated with the adventurous spirit in Beth so like his own.  Could these two kindred souls be just what the other needs?


Christy Award-winning Catherine Palmer has penned a new story of faith and romance titled LEAVES OF HOPE.  The settings for the novel will take readers from Texas to England to India as the globetrotting Beth travels the world for her job as a relocation specialist and also in search of her birth father.  Jan must also decide if she wishes to rejoin the land of the living after her husband's death, or fritter away her life comfortably baking cobblers and painting roses until she dies, which could be for a long time as she is only forty-five.  A heavy emphasis is placed on the faith journey that Miles takes with Beth's help, and Jan is also brought back to faith through Beth's living her beliefs. 


Polar opposites in almost everything, Beth and Jan make for some emotional scenes throughout LEAVES OF HOPE.  The affable brothers, Miles and Malcolm Wilson, provide some entertaining comic relief for the otherwise serious storyline.  Jan must finally deal with her past and allow herself the freedom to live again.  Beth must face having her entire life being turned upside down with everything she ever knew about her stable family being thrown into chaos.  Inspirational romance fans might find LEAVES OF HOPE just the perfect story to compliment that afternoon cup of tea. 

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