Led into Temptation
By Dottie
May 1, 2010 - 5:59:15 PM

Of the three sisters, Naomi Brightman was the oldest and the most practical.  As an attorney, she had drawn up the papers to their purchase of the Haworth House, which once belonged to legendary silent film star Hattie Haworth, who still haunted the house.  The first time Naomi stepped into the house, she knew it was meant to be.  Naomi, Jillian and Reese planned to turn it into an exclusive hotel, with fine food and décor.  They started making plans while still in their teens in the French Catholic boarding school, where they had been abandoned.  The three were inseparable and wanted to remain together after leaving the school.  As the girls toured the tower of the house, they found a hidden room.  In the room was a hatbox with a note on top.  The note said...Fantasy Box-The note you choose will come true.  The sisters each picked a slip and Naomi was stunned when she read her slip, which told of her secret fantasy from when she had been a teenager in the French Catholic boarding school.  She had never even told her sisters because of the guilt associated with it.

Dane MacFarland ran MacFarland Investigations with his half brother Ian.  The brothers and their other siblings, who they were still looking for, had been separated at a young age when their mother died.  Dane has been looking for Michael Davenport for years.  Michael shot him years ago, leaving him for dead.  Now, disguised as a priest, he was following Naomi, sure that Michael would try to connect with her.  When Michael left her, he told her he would see her again as she had told the policeman, being very open with them.  Dane was convinced that she had nothing to do with the scheme.


One year after the purchase, Naomi left Boston, desperate to return to Haworth House.  Two weeks prior, her life started unraveling; her fiancé Michael Davenport dumped her, she was fired from her job and she became a person of interest to the FBI.  They believed she had been involved in the one-hundred-million-dollar Ponzi scheme her ex-fiancé had been running during their six-month engagement.  Now she just wanted to start over again.  Michael had always given her little gifts, Michael gifts she called them.  She had put all the little Michael gifts in her tote bag, which she carried all the time.  Taking nothing else, she snuck out the back and left for Haworth House, eluding those who watched her.  On the ferry ride from the Mainland, a man, who reminded her of the priest in boarding school on whom she had a crush when she was a teenager, spoke to her.  Seeing him reminded her of the slip she had pulled from the hatbox that stated: ‘Your secret fantasy has always been to make love with a priest.  Now you will experience all those hidden pleasures.’  Seeing Dane, she had trouble keeping her hands to herself and Dane could not look at her without desiring her and forgetting what he was supposed to be doing.  But Michael has already arrived on the island at Haworth House.  He has been forced to take on a partner, who was interfering in his plans.  As she shows Dane around the island, where he was looking into an area for a religious retreat, things between them began to heat up.  Can Dane keep her safe?  Will Naomi’s fantasy come true?


Sensationally sensual, LED INTO TEMPTATION, the first book in the FORBIDDEN FANTASIES series, is a tantalizing romantic suspense.  This tale of a forbidden, guilt-ridden love is a delight.  Readers do not often find such a taboo tale of lust and love, outside of THE THORN BIRDS.  But the passion is irresistible for both of them.  Author Cara Summers builds the sexual tension to a hot sizzle in this fast-moving tale, which will keep you immersed as the plot unfolds. Brimming with diverse, compelling characters, an intriguing plot, scorching hot love scenes, romance and even a ghost, this story is unforgettable.  I highly recommend LED INTO TEMPTATION to those looking for a suspense-filled story with plenty of spice.  Next month, watch for Jillian’s story in TAKEN BEYOND TEMPTATION.

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