Legacy Lane: Hart's Crossing Series Book 1

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

Publisher: Fleming H. Revell

Release Date: April, 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Angie Hunter reluctantly returns to her hometown of Hart's Crossing, Idaho, to care for her estranged mother after her surgery. Having left her small hometown seventeen years earlier, Angie had dedicated her life to the Bay City Times. When the city editor's position became available, she found herself being passed over for promotion, and so Angie quit in a fit of rage. Having no job and no plans for her future, Angie finds herself back in Hart's Crossing. What would she do with her life once her mother is well again? Is there any future for her in Hart's Crossing?

When Bill Palmer was almost run over by Angie at the Main Street Drugstore, the attraction was instantaneous. He had known of Angie in high school when he was senior class president, but had no idea she had had such a bad crush on him. As editor for the small hometown newspaper, Bill offers a job to Angie, which she once would have never even considered. As Hart's Crossing's charm begins to seep into Angie's heart, she finds herself actually considering settling down in the tiny town. Will Angie find the love and happiness she is seeking in Hart's Crossing? Can Angie find her way back to faith in God after it's been lost for so long?

Robin Lee Hatcher has written a four book series about the residents of Hart's Crossing, with LEGACY LANE being the first to be released. It is the story of a charming small town that could be Anywhere, USA. The town is full of caring individuals who are always there for each other, being supportive and thoughtful of one another. Angie has become disdainful of such things in her fast-paced lifestyle, but as she interacts with the various people, she begins to understand these are shining examples of God's love. She soon finds herself yearning to mingle among them instead of returning to her old way of life. I really enjoyed this novella-sized book and look forward to the next in the series, VETERAN'S WAY, coming in spring of 2005.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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