Legal Edentity

Author: Karen Harley

Publisher: Phase

Release Date: August 4, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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David Argeld works as a civil lawyer at Minneapolis Legal Advocacy Group. At thirty-nine years of age, he's not ready to settle down and rarely stays in one place for any longer than a couple of years. He's already lived in twelve cities, both in and out of the U. S. and fully intends to live in at least twelve more before settling anywhere. However, there's a young woman at his office who's captured his attention, but she didn't acknowledge his offer of a date. Maybe it's for the best, Jeannie is not a casual sex kind of girl, and settling down isn't in David's plans.

Jeannie Lin is painfully shy. In fact, except for when dealing with clients and legal matters, Jeannie never looks anyone directly in the eyes. Her shyness is often mistaken to "Oriental mystique." This shyness adds to her appeal and nearly every single guy at the office had asked Jeannie out, they've all come out dateless.

David witnesses another of his coworkers come away dateless after asking Jeannie out. He's completely able to sympathize since he'd been shot down himself. David decides to stay late at the office. He often works irregular hours in order to take long weekends. After sitting down at his desk, he opens his email account and is pleased to see an email from BadiniSweet. He doesn't know her real name, never met her, and never seen a picture of her - they'd been emailing back and forth through for several years and while David sometimes finds it frustrating to not know more vital information about his e-pal. Still, she lives in Washington so chances are he'd never meet her anyway. She's in lust with someone at her work and in this newest email tells him her fantasies about the unattainable Adonis. Her email gets David thinking about his fantasies of Jeannie and he emails her back a letter sharing his fantasies for his own unattainable coworker. Sometimes a stranger is the best person to share your fantasies when they seem so hopeless. Will David ever get Jeannie to agree to a date, or will he be doomed to only exchanging fantasy emails with his cyber friend?

Karen Harley has written a very sexy story involving both interoffice romance and internet foreplay. I became enthralled in the emails between David and BadiniSweet. The fantasies, while being normal and nothing outlandish, are told with such flair that they're exciting to read without being vulgar. Jeannie's shyness is endearing and makes it easier to associate with her, while David's reputation as a stud, makes you think of that one man that you dream about. You know you'd never have any hope of getting him to notice you, but that doesn't stop you from dreaming. LEGAL EDENTITY is a great story full of emotion with a fabulous ending. I adored the ending and how David and Jeannie eventually get together. It's a story worth reading many times over.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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