Lessons In Love
By Angel
Feb 11, 2008 - 10:40:52 AM

Brynn Dexter leaves her small town behind to take a teaching position in a small foreign country.   Upon arriving she finds out that she won’t have a class of children, but one very special little girl.   Instantly bonding with the child, she sees that the little girl is growing up way to fast and sets out to help her become a free spirit.   In the process she must deal with Alex, father of her charge and crown prince.

Alex duCharbonneaux is sick and tired of hiring nannies for his daughter and they are more interested in getting in his bed than taking care of his child.   When he finds Brynn he thinks he has finally solved his problem.   He never thought that he would fall head over hills for her and want her as much more than just a nanny.   Can he keep from mixing business and pleasure?


LESSONS IN LOVE is whirlwind adventure that takes the reader on a journey to a different place.   Brynn is a brave woman to leave behind everything she knows, and go to an unknown country to teach.   She has spunk and determination, a definite plus in a great heroine.   Alex is arrogant and demanding and used to having people jump at his every request.   The two will obviously clash and do so on a regular basis that makes for interesting reading.   When they seem to get it together the relationship moves right along and the passion they experience will have you running for the ice.

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