Let Me Count The Ways
By Annie
Jun 1, 2009 - 6:40:51 PM

With Claire’s last divorce she used the money to open up The Body Electric, a yoga gym. Now all she wants is to find someone she can have a nice fling with.

Mike Sherman has been in love with Claire Calhoun since she started her acting career. So when he gets her as a client he has found eternal bliss to be even that close to her.

Claire invited Mike to a party not really expecting him to show up. So when she decides that she wants him she sets out to get him. She is just interested in a short term affair not realizing that he wants her forever. Mike knows that this is his chance to prove to Claire that they can be good together. She has been his fantasy girl and now he gets her in the flesh and will stoop to anything to make sure she stays there.

LET ME COUNT THE WAYS is the third book in the LOVE LESSONS series. It’s written as a first person point of view alternating between Clair and Mike. I like it due to the fact you get to know what each character is thinking at that moment and doing.

Claire believes she is a washed up actress and is losing her sex appeal and then bam, enters Mike. Mike is a man on a mission and is determined to keep Clair in his life and in his bed. I loved both characters and I could feel everything as I was reading it. I hope to read more from PG Forte because she has captured my inner imagination with all three of her wonderful books.

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