Let Me Entertain You
By Anita
Aug 5, 2007 - 1:31:15 AM


Dr. Mike is a famous marriage counselor and advice columnist. He is trying to get a book contract, but he is afraid that once his secret gets out he will not have a career. Dr. Mike's wife ran off with another man, leaving him alone to raise their infant twins. His solution comes when he hears of a business called Wives-R-Us. This is a business where a woman comes and helps entertain guest for social gatherings. He meets, and is immediately attracted to Leeanne Jameson, and hopes that she will agree to pose as his wife and as a mother to his two-year-old twins.


Leanne Jamison, known as the queen of ambiance, loves entertaining. She is immediately attracted to the handsome doctor and his two beautiful children. She agrees to go along with Dr. Mike’s crazy plans, but soon finds herself believing in the fantasy. There in lies the problem-she is afraid that when the job is done, she will be left with a broken heart.

Book one in the Wives-R-Us Series, LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU, is a funny and sexy contemporary romance. Compelling characters find themselves giving into passion as they role-play, and try to make others believe that they are married. Chaos ensues as they try to keep others from learning the truth.  

I instantly fell for the handsome Dr. Mike. Here is a young doctor raising twin two-year-olds all by himself. He is a wonderful and caring man that makes you hope that everything works out right for him. His beliefs sometimes get in his way of really understanding what is going on around him, but luckily he starts to learn that some things are just meant to be.

Dr. Mike and Leanne ignite sparks of attraction from the first moment they meet. Their relationship is intense and soon they give into the fiery lust that pulses between them. Their emotions run wild and they battle with the feelings developing between them. Thrills and suspense are also found, as problems from the past resurface, adding to the excitement. Summer Jordan has written one hot sexy romance that adults are sure to enjoy.

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