Let's Dish
By Zee
Jul 1, 2009 - 12:42:11 AM

Maggie Donnely is a cook on the verge of a breakdown. She’s barely covering costs for her coffee shop and lo and behold, just found out she is pregnant from the man she is currently divorcing. What she doesn’t need added to the already devastating equation is the one man from her past she’d wish never to see again- her nemesis from cooking school.

His name is Kevin Best, and though Maggie believes he thinks he should be the best in everything and everywhere, she couldn’t be more wrong. Kevin’s motives are noble– he want to be the best man in Maggie’s life and in her heart.

But that’s without counting on the suspicious and hormone-crazy Maggie thinking Kevin is out to win the upper hand on her. He’s also opened his own coffee shop, and damn if she’d let the competition win!

Maggie hadn’t counted on her shop going up in flames, or on losing her business partners when her hormones make her do and say things she never should’ve let out. Her one aim now is to win a cooking competition to get the money for rebuilding. The problem is, she needs a kitchen to use, and Kevin is the only person she can turn to. He’s definitely not the man she wants to run to, but when you’re in need, any saviour will do, right?

LET’S DISH is a story that pulls you into the world of cooking and baking and dang if you aren’t hard-pressed for a buttery croissant or a cream-filled slice of cake when you put this book down! I’m sure this was not Ms. Wade’s intention when she wrote this, although I wouldn’t be surprised she lures us in with the description of those amazing concoctions and makes us pant and turn the page for even more delicious-sounding treats!

Speaking of treats, the story itself is one. Amusing and enjoyable little twists, turns and revelations make for a dynamic read throughout the plot. The characters are also very well penned down and Ms. Wade does make us empathize with Maggie.

Be warned that you need a good cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake beside you before you sit down with LET’S DISH. Otherwise, your mind and taste buds may rebel and ask why you are pleasing your imagination so nicely with this little read!

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