Let's Misbehave

Author: Lisa Plumley

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Marisol Winston has been tricked!  Her family and friends, concerned about her compulsive shopping, have staged an intervention.  But she�s the heiress to a huge home-improvement store empire.  And she�s a Winston!  Why shouldn�t she shop whenever she wants?  Is it her fault she has such great taste?  Oh well, since she has no choice, Marisol might as well go along with the shopping rehab program she was tricked into entering.  After all, she�ll lose her inheritance if she fails.

The first half of the program will be difficult enough, with sessions that take place at the rehab center.  Marisol figures she can get through it, even though bribery doesn�t seem to work on any of these people (drat it all).  But how will she handle part two, when she has to successfully complete an off-site work assignment?  Marisol doesn�t even know what kind of work she can possibly be qualified to do.

Cash Connelly is having a busy summer.  He�s trying to make a comeback in the NFL.  He�s also been given a chance to prove he deserves more time with his three children than he was awarded after his divorce.  The six-year-old triplets will spend the entire summer with Cash.  If things go well, his ex-wife will agree to a big increase in his visitation rights.  Staging a successful comeback in his football career is a challenging prospect on its own.  So is proving himself capable of raising his kids.  How can Cash handle both at the same time?

After four unsuccessful attempts, the local agency has refused to send any more nannies his way.  He needs help!  Luckily, his former mother-in-law, Leslie, has a solution.  There�s an ideal candidate for the nanny/maid job at the rehab center where Leslie works.  She�s certain Marisol Winston will be perfect for the job.

Marisol�s first meeting with Cash doesn�t get off to a great start.  Getting treed by the dog?  Not exactly the best first impression she could have made.  Cash runs off to football practice, almost sorry the hot nanny candidate in the white miniskirt didn�t work out.  He figures it�s for the best.  He doesn�t need that kind of distraction!  Cash doesn�t realize Marisol has already been hired as nanny and housekeeper, and Leslie didn�t waste any time getting out of there.

Can Marisol handle her new responsibilities?  With Marisol living under the same roof, can Cash handle his?  Will the differences in their backgrounds and lifestyles keep Marisol and Cash apart?  They�re simply two people searching for love and contentment in their lives.  Can they leave their preconceived ideas about each other behind, move beyond their mistakes, and find happiness with each other?

LET�S MISBEHAVE gets off to a humorous start when Marisol gets tricked into shopping rehab.  Add in Cash�s career and family, a variety of unusual and amusing scenes, some serious moments, and lots of tension between the excellently developed characters of Marisol and Cash, and the result was an entertaining story I couldn�t put down.  I loved the fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of Marisol�s mind.  She appears to be a shallow, spoiled rich girl and a shopping addiction only reinforces the way she�s perceived by others.  Inside, she�s a warm, caring person who�s trying her best to please the people she loves and admires.  I hoped Cash would understand her motives, if not her methods.  He was working hard to accomplish two important goals, and understandably worried that Marisol would be a distraction he couldn�t afford.  I hoped he wouldn�t be so focused on what he thought he wanted, that he was blind to what he and his children really needed.  I highly recommend LET�S MISBEHAVE!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Alane


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