Letter from a Stranger

Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: March 27, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Justine Nolan and her twin brother, Richard, have escaped for a weekend break at their family retreat in Connecticut. Justine, an award-winning documentary film producer, has just finished up her latest film. Her brother lost his wife two years ago and is still grieving, but his young daughter Daisy helps to keep his spirits up. Being twins, Justine and Richard are very close, at times even completing each other’s thoughts…to the point that Richard has termed their relationship a twinship. Ten years ago, on the day after their graduation from college, the twins were given the news that their grandmother had died. They were extremely close to her, as she was their one source of love and comfort. Richard and Justine’s mother was very cold and self-centered, applying all of her energy into her career, traveling from place to place and seldom at home.


The twins have an agreement with their mother; they will use the retreat any time they want and in return, they pay all of the bills, including the staff’s salaries. Any legal matters, however, are to be sent to her. So when Justine comes across a personal letter in with the rest of the mail, she thinks nothing of opening it. But this letter will produce a shockwave that is sure to affect the entire family. It seems that their mother lied to them about their grandmother…she is still alive. From the tone of the letter, which is from their grandmother’s best friend Anita, a stranger to them, their grandmother is ill. The twins fear that, at nearly eighty, their grandmother may die before they can find her. Devastated, the twins are eager to confront their mother, but not before they search for and find the one woman who has meant so much to them.


Using her position as a documentary film producer as cover, Justine goes to Istanbul, stating that she is thinking of producing a documentary on that country. Her statement soon becomes reality as she becomes entranced with the city. But her search for her grandma soon leads her to Michael Dalton and secrets that have been hidden too long.


Michael Dalton, a former Secret Service Agent who now owns his own international security company, is the grandson of Anita, Gabrielle’s lifelong best friend. He had been engaged up until four months ago when he finally saw his fiancée for what she was. Not content with him as he was, she had wanted to remake him, urging him to sell his business. But he wanted someone who would love him for himself just as he was. Upon meeting Justine, he felt like he had been struck by lightning. But would she feel the same way about him?


Justine’s search for her grandmother reveals secrets from her gran’s past dating back to World War II and the Holocaust. She also makes some discoveries about herself and the family will never be the same.


Prolific, award-winning author Barbara Taylor Bradford has penned another winning novel with her latest contemporary story, LETTER FROM A STRANGER. The detailed settings give the reader a panoramic view of Istanbul as Justine visits one site after another for her film documentary. Reading this story will leave readers longing for their own trip to Istanbul. Brimming with a suspense-filled plot, a myriad of secrets, Nazi occupied Germany, intrigue, danger and a once-in-a-lifetime love, this story is unforgettable. Barbara Taylor Bradford is already on my list of ‘must read’ authors and this book is an example of why she is on that list. I highly recommend LETTER FROM A STRANGER and look forward to Ms. Bradford’s next work. Do not miss this emotion-packed tale!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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