Letting Go
By Natasha Smith
Oct 15, 2007 - 3:05:57 PM

Becky has always held back her desires from her husband Marc.  Afraid of disappointing her husband with her wants and needs, Becky has never voiced out loud what she wants. Well, no longer. She and Marc are at a remote cabin and they have the whole weekend.  

Marc loves Becky just the way she is but knows that this weekend is important to her. Striving to be the man she needs, Marc’s dominance shines and the couple find themselves renewing their love with their bodies and souls.


Whether she is writing a contemporary or a western historical, Sarah McCarty continues to put out books that grab you from the get go. This erotic look into the wants and needs of Marc and Becky is no exception. The love this married couple has for each other is apparent and their sexual chemistry is steamy. Like any married couple, they have fallen into a bit of a sexual rut and the ways they spice things up are very enlightening - especially the added use of some very naughty toys.


LETTING GO was released in August from Harlequin Spice. It is offered in digital form. To me, it is the perfect read to wind down from a long day at work.  

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