Liberation Via Pen
By Pamela Denise
Jun 15, 2009 - 8:48:50 PM

Krista believed she had the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Ethan of two years. Then one day, on an outing, he abruptly breaks it off with her causing her world to shatter. Heartbroken, she can’t see or do anything without thinking of Ethan, which costs her the new job she’d just landed. She finally lifts herself out of the emotional gutter she’d fallen into. She starts a search for a new job, deciding that she needs to be able to pay for food and shelter for herself and Verisimilitude, her cat.

Krista finds immediate work at a bookstore and decides it’s just what she is looking for.  In walks Todd and things seem to become brighter for her. He invites her to a writers meeting where she finds inspiration to write her own story. As she puts the pen to paper about her failed relationship with Ethan, she is able to better comprehend what happened. Todd is there to help with advice and support along the way. 

Krista’s story is a published success and she finds herself ready to take the next step with Todd. However, things don’t continue to go so smoothly. She may have missed her chance with Todd and when Ethan finds out their relationship has become public knowledge he isn’t too happy. He shows up wanting compensation and another chance with Krista.


LIBERATION VIA PEN is a great story. Cate Masters does an exceptional job working out her plot.  I could feel Krista’s emotions and sympathize with the upheaval of her breakup. The empowerment displayed towards the end was uplifting. Any woman who has been in Krista’s shoes will enjoy this read.

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