Librarian by Day
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 5:48:13 PM

Unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Jennifer Davidson lives a double life.  She appears to be a shy, reserved librarian who for the most part is pretty average.  Privately she’s a vixen with a fetish for spankings – oh she keeps this part of herself carefully hidden from the real world.  Only those who’ve read her books know of her kinkier side.  Of course those are written under a pen name so it’s not like there’s any chance Nik will find out about her craving spankings.

Nik Evans has been dating Jennifer for several months and he’s perfectly happy with the way things are going.  While waiting for her to get ready for one of their dates he decides to check the baseball scores on her computer but he gets distracted by what he believes is an e-book she purchased – until he discovers it stops mid-page in the middle of a very hot sex scene.  He soon discovers that she is penning the book he was reading but what’s more, she’s a published author with more than a dozen published books – all involving spanking in one form or another.
After his stunning discovery Nik can’t get the thought of having Jennifer turned over his knee with a reddened behind out of his mind.  The whole time they’re out for dinner he’s practically incoherent because of his lust induced thoughts.  Meanwhile, Jennifer fears that her reserve and lack of creativity in the bedroom mean he’s getting ready to dump her.  The last thing she expects is for them to arrive back at her home and have him tell her that she deserves to be punished for making him wait so long while she got ready.  Nik’s simply testing his theory that she fantasizes about being spanked but once he discovers how turned on she gets there’s going to be no going back to straight ‘vanilla’ in their relationship.  Jennifer’s never been spanked before and finds herself craving it in a way she never imagined possible.  Can Nik deliver on all her fantasies?  She may just be in for a few surprises on just how creative Nik can be when it comes to keeping her satisfied!
Paige Tyler delves into the secret desires of some women who appear to be standoffish or even too tame to be interesting.  LIBRARIAN BY DAY definitely delivers on the ‘shock’ factor I was anticipating but it even goes beyond that by exploring fantasies that many women would never dare to admit to craving.  Jennifer and Nik complement each other beautifully especially since they’re both so willing to step outside their comfort zones and try something new.  I admit I’ve often wondered how or even if spankings would be something I’d enjoy, however I also believe it would depend on the partner and so therefore, I’ll live vicariously through Jennifer and Nik’s story and keep my own deep dark desires hidden – for now.

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