Life Happens
By Patti
Sep 1, 2005 - 7:07:00 PM

I have never been at a loss for words.  But, after reading LIFE HAPPENS by Sandra Steffen, all I can do at this moment is thank the heavens above for allowing me to take part in the most precious story of all - Life. What a truly magnificent honor it was to read this stunning masterpiece-a novel so unique and emotional-so fresh and full of life's beautiful blessings. With tears in my eyes and a heart so aching to share, I now present to you a poignant and heartwarming story so strongly written that you will once again believe in miracles and the power that's within each of us - it's what gives us our strength.

Life happens-all around us-never stopping for one moment to let us catch our breath.  It's happening right now to Mya Donahue. Her life is filled to the brim with a successful clothing business, two fabulous friends, and a very intelligent mother who knows Mya better than she knows herself. She's supposed to be happily engaged to Jeff, the man of her dreams who just happens to be a highly regarded ER doctor.  But, is she really happy?  Is this how she wants her life to be?  In her heart, she knows there is so much more she could have and so much more she could be feeling.  Love is not about settling - it's not about doing something because it's expected.  Love is about sharing dreams and feelings.  It's about believing in each other and knowing your heart is safe-cradled in the warmth of another.  Mya doesn't have these feelings in her heart right now - she knows something is missing. How does she know?  She's felt the power of love and she's felt the pain of loss.  It's still so very fresh, although it happened such a long time ago.  She's never forgotten.


With Mya questioning her future, she is also dealing with the 'what-ifs' of her past.  Each day, she wonders what it might have been like to look into the eyes of her beautiful baby, a daughter who was given up for adoption after she was born.  What would it have been like rocking her to sleep each night and watching her grow with each passing year? What color is her hair? her eyes? how tall is she now? These questions have haunted Maya since that most horrible day when her heart broke into a million pieces - the day when she had to say goodbye to her own flesh and blood. 


Life holds so many surprises.  You just never know what will happen from one day to the next; and on one very special night Mya meets life head on.  Opening her front door, standing right before her eyes, is the daughter she thought she'd never see again. Elle, so beautiful-with eyes of brown - it was as if Mya was looking at a reflection of herself.


Elle has secrets, things she can't admit to Mya right away. Her reasons for coming to find Mya must be kept hidden until the time is right when she can tell Mya the truth. Elle must be very certain that she's doing the right thing.  Her emotions are raw, filled with questions that might not have happy answers. She's a young woman with a baby of her own, on a very important mission - one that requires a mother's love and strength.


Mya holds the future in her hands.  It's a very huge responsibility but one she's been preparing for all of her life-and it's happening right now.


Sandra Steffan has written a beautiful and touching story about life and the people who dare to live it to the fullest.  She can touch your heart with a single word. Her sentences paint a colorful picture taking you on a magnificent journey through her book.  As I read LIFE HAPPENS, there were many times I needed to step away and take a deep breath. My emotions ran rampant yet my need to know more pulled me back inside.  This is how powerful a writer Ms. Steffen is.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for gracing us with your story.  It shall remain forever in my heart.


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