Life Or Something Scary Like That
By Christina
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:15:57 PM

Jack has been looking forward to finally having his own room for a change. He and his best friend Paul had been roommates for years and they were finally moving into their own apartment. As far as Jack is concerned things are definitely looking up until Paul drops a bombshell.

Paul announces that his girlfriend is pregnant and that not only is he going to move in with her but they are going to get married as well. Jack is upset to be losing a roommate but he is happy for Paul. He even agrees to be his best man. Jack is worried he won’t be able to afford the apartment on his own.


However, much to Jack’s surprise Paul already has a solution to his problem. He has arranged for his fiancé’s brother to move in with Jack. Despite his annoyance, with the entire situation, Jack agrees. He is not looking forward to living with an undergrad geek as his roommate but he doesn’t have a choice.  Jack is shocked when Cliff turns out to be nothing like he expected. Cliff is gorgeous and intelligent. Jack cannot deny his intense attraction to him but he knows better than to go after someone who is straight.


Jack and Cliff relationship develops slowly. While I sometimes found Cliff and Jack’s insecurities frustrating their complete obliviousness is also very amusing. I really came to care about both these characters but especially Jack. I came to admire his resilience and understand his fears. LIFE OR SOMETHING SCARY LIKE THAT by TC Blue is a moving contemporary romance.

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