Life is a Bowl of Toilets and I Clean Them

Author: Ginger Simpson

Publisher: Publish America

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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In LIFE IS A BOWL OF TOILETS AND I CLEAN THEM, Ginger Simpson opens a window for the reader to peek through and get a glimpse of her life.  It is absolutely hilarious.  Each chapter is about a different facet of life, almost a story in itself.  Ms. Simpson shares her experiences as a chubby child and talks about becoming a teenager.  There are descriptions of her first kiss, her first sort-of sexual experience, pregnancy, and childbirth.  She discusses the trials and joys of raising children of her own, and expresses her opinions about the responsibilities and rewards of the various stages of her life.  Ms. Simpson shares what she expects from life, and what life expects from her.  From childhood through teenage years, marriage and motherhood, she is able to find humor in almost any situation.

This is not a long book; it’s very easy to read in one sitting.  The story is so engaging that I never even considered putting it down!  It almost felt like I was having a conversation with the author, or even reading e-mail from her.  As I was reading, I always seemed to want to add my 2¢.  Whenever I identified with something she said, or wanted to ask a question, I almost had to remind myself that this was a book.  She shares joyful moments, painful ones, and thoughtful, musing ones.  Her descriptions of even the most ordinary events are entertaining.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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