Life on Top
By Pamela Denise
Mar 1, 2010 - 1:12:43 PM

Twenty-two year old Sophie Steele has just completed her MBA at business school and has already secured a job with a top financial conglomerate in New York. The brainy beauty already has things figured out. She moves in with her model sister Bella in Manhattan and starts to work on building her portfolio. When Sophie arrives, Bella is not there, so she sets about making herself at home. While she is “familiarizing” herself with her new surroundings, Sophie gets the shock of her life when she comes across Bella’s stockpile of erotic goodies.  Straitlaced Sophie doesn’t approve of her sister’s preferences, but when her hunkie boss starts coming on to her, she begins to have a change of heart.

Bella loves her career as a Penthouse Pet, from the fantasies she allows her self to indulge in to the actual photo shoots. She’s comfortable with what she does and her sexuality. She is ready to initiate her prim sister into a more sensual lifestyle and is always willing to help new girls find their way in the biz. Both Sophie and Bella are in for a surprise when the newest girl Bella’s taken under her wing happens to be Sophie best friend from college, Maya. Life is all about living on top for the three women and they are ready to get there one sensual step at a time.



LIFE ON TOP is an erotic, in-your-face read that will have you fanning as you delve into the lives of three young women who explore there wilder side. Clara Darling showcases the art of sensuality, the bonds of friendship, and the joys obtained from success. Though the characters are bolder than the average woman, it is a “realized” take, free from the glitter of romance that I think most readers can appreciate. Think Sex in the City on Viagra. If you like daring, this wild, steamy read won’t disappoint.

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