Light and Shadow
By Laurie
Jan 1, 2005 - 1:00:00 PM

After six months apart, Katalin can hardly bear the anticipation of seeing Stefan. She has big plans for the two of them. Stefan has his own plans for Katalin.
It takes all of Stefan’s willpower not to make love to her the first moment they are alone, but he is determined to woo her with a romantic evening.  Katalin senses that Stefan is not being completely up front with her and it makes her uncomfortable. Katalin wants Stephen and all of his attention on this special evening, and after he receives one too many calls on his cell phone during dinner, the last one from his ex-wife no less, Katalin walks out of the restaurant and into the dark New Orleans night.

Stefan begins a frantic search and after an inexplicable, extremely frightening incident in which Katalin is injured, the two lovers are eventually reunited.  Alexandria Rayne makes the reader question whether Katalin will be able to forgive Stefan for not putting her first before his business and his ex-wife.  Will she trust Stefan with her heart? Stefan is so completely in love with Katalin that you cannot help but cheer for him to succeed.


Alexandria Rayne has written a short little gem with LIGHT AND SHADOW.  This book abounds with eroticism, but also succeeds as a very sweet story with intelligent, likable characters.  I highly recommend this book.

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