Light of the Moon
By Scarlet
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:49:15 PM

Susannah Connolly travels to Southern France as a dying request by her mother and at the urging of her mentor, Prof. Helen Oakes.  An anthropologist by trade, she visits the Camargue region to view a statue of Sarah, a Romany religious figure that her mother claimed helped her conceive Susannah.  Living with the guilt of being too busy to visit when her mother died, Susannah is soothed by the Camargue region and embraced by a group of women who take her under their wings and tell of stories and miracles for those who believe.  Her old flame and colleague, Ian Stewart, arrives in the area urging her to marry him; something just isn’t right about Ian’s arrival and Susannah is wary at best.  When she is mired in a salt marsh and American born horse rancher, Grey Dempsey, saves the day. The attraction is immediate and mutual but Grey is wary as well. 

Grey came to the Camargue region as a journalist where he met and married a local Romany woman.   When she left him and their daughter five years earlier, he was devastated.  Picking up the pieces of his shattered dreams, he now must deal with a traumatized daughter who fears the horses she once loved.


Camargue and its people come to life on the page as Luanne Rice once again draws the reader right into the midst of the drama.  Susannah is a woman living with guilt and remorse, punishing herself for not being with her mother at the time she needed most.  She has gone from a confident and successful anthropologist to a fragile and uncertain woman.  When she meets the handsome and tortured hero, Grey, the attraction is readily apparent from the beginning, though both are wary of starting something.  Grey is a strong hero with a little too much on his plate, searching for something he didn’t know was missing until he met Susannah.  And Susannah finds a missing part of herself in Camargue and her relationship with Grey, his daughter and the people of the region.  I could really feel an emotional connection to the characters and suffered along with them.  LIGHT OF THE MOON is a multi-layered story with a cast of memorable characters, secrets, and a thought provoking storyline. 

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