Lighthearted Lust: Three Not So Serious Tales
By Brenda Edde
Dec 4, 2003 - 9:15:00 PM

In MaryJanice Davidson’s THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A WEREWOLF, she returns to the Pack to tell the story of Dr. Drake Dragon, the only known blind werewolf in existence. Saved by his mother from being killed but never truly a part of the Pack, Drake leaves at early age forging a solitary life amongst the humans. Facing the big Four - O, he is walking the streets of Boston pondering the loneliness that plagues him when he meets Cresent, a street person with an obsession with the belief she can fly. What follows is a whirlwind of mutual protection, sensual discovery on the road to finding that they make each other whole. Ms. Davidson's trademark humor shines throughout this contribution to the anthology.

THE LUST BASTION reminds us why you don't want to anger the gods. Smenkare angered the goddess Bast and in retaliation, she turns him into a sex slave, encased in a vibrator. Kira is tired of being used by inept lovers, deciding to get her own satisfaction she goes to The Lust Bastion to buy a vibrator, little does she know that buying the 'Great Smenkare' she'll be getting a little more than she anticipated. Not only will she get satisfaction, she will have the opportunity to set Smenkare and herself free to love.
DRENCHED IN AFFECTION features Tim Neffster, a divorced restaurant owner whose wife ran a bulldozer into the garage before divorcing him just to let him know that she didn't appreciate being ignored by the horror collection he kept there. Melody Talaway, a published horror writer is shocked when Alex, her young live in lover stomps out claiming he was no longer going to be her boy-toy plaything used in between her writing marathons. Tim and Melody meet in his restaurant and an instant comradery occurs. Determined to do things right this time they both fumble around trying to prove that they can be the attentive lovers their ex's said they weren't. In a hysterically funny story, these two manage to find their way around the past mistakes, finding they can learn from past mistakes and be each other’s obsessions.

LIGHTHEARTED LUST is a fun book with a perfect title. All the stories deal with emotions in lighthearted manners that combine laughter and love, a perfect combination. The sassy Cresent leading the somber Drake to a little bit of breaking and entering had me giggling and cheering for Cresent and her audacity. Kira's quest for satisfaction by buying a vibrator was hysterical and touching at the same time. The comedy of mishaps that Tim and Melody go through will have you in stitches before you are done reading. A delightful grouping for an afternoon dedicated to reading some LIGHTHEARTED LUST.

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