Like Dandelion Dust
By Sherree
Aug 15, 2006 - 2:36:00 PM

Jack and Molly Campbell have never been happier.  They have a great business, a beautiful home, and most of all, Joey.  The Campbell's adopted Joey when he was just a newborn and have grown to love him as if he was their biological son.

Wendy Porter signed the adoption papers on her son four years ago.  Rip, her husband,was in prison and she knew that he would never sign, so she forged his name.  The day has arrived when Rip will be released from prison.  Can Wendy find the courage to tell Rip that she gave his son away?  What will this do their marriage and his anger?

Rip is devastated that Wendy would give his son up.  How could his son be adopted when he never signed the papers?

Allyson Bower, the social worker who handled the adoption on Joey, is not happy to see the Porters.  She remembers that Rip was sent to prison for beating his wife.  Rip is saying that the signature was forged by someone in prison and that Rip never knew about his son.  Allyson has verified that the signature is not Rip's.  Her heart feels like it is going to break.  How can she tell the Campbell's that Joey is really not theirs.  The adoption is invalid.

The judge has ordered that Joey will spend a night and two days with the Porter's for the next three months and on the fourth month the transfer of Joey to his biological parents will be final.  Jack and Molly feel like their world is falling apart.  How can they let Joey go?  Joey has always been the center of their world.  How could the judge agree to give Joey back to the man that was abusive to his wife?  Won't he be the same toward Joey?

Jack begins to gather a plan together.  Could they make a run for it?  Would the love that Jack and Molly have for each other and for Joey be enough?  What if they were caught?  Then they would loose Joey forever and their reputation among the community.  Could they even end up in jail and apart from each other?  Beth, Molly's sister has been telling them to turn it over to God.  Is is time to turn their life over to God and trust Him to work the problems out?

Once again Karen Kingsbury has written a book that will make you cry, laugh and never want to put the book down until the very end.  The book LIKE DANDELION DUST is about a family who adopted a little boy who has become their heart, but also about two mother's who want the best for their son.  Having adopted myself, I could not imagine the hurts that come when things are not done legally.  My daughters are the joy of my life and the very heart of our home.  I think every mother should read this book.  It make you appreciate your children and how fragile life can be for some.  I am greatly honored to give this awesome author a 5 blue ribbon rating.


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