Like a Watered Garden: Garden Gate Series: Book 1
By Sherri Myers
Jan 1, 2005 - 1:09:00 AM

Mibby Garrett has lost her husband, Scott, to a bicycling accident and has thrown herself into her work as a means of escape. Owner of a garden design business, Mibby finds plenty to keep her busy, to the detriment to her twelve-year-old son, Kyle. Neglectful of her duties as mother and friend, Mibby struggles to bring herself back from the valley of the dead to the land of the living. With her faithful friend Louise by her side praying for her, Mibby knows she doesn't have to go it alone, but it's a long road back from such an unbearable grief.

Ben Martin is a widower whose wife, Jenny, had loved roses. He hires Mibby to plant a rose garden for him in her memory. Mibby and Ben begin working together on the design and as they spend time with each other, soon realize they are attracted to each other. Ben is ready for a new relationship, but Mibby isn't so sure about getting involved so soon after Scott's death. It hasn't been a year yet and she is afraid she will forget him, and even feels somewhat guilty for having feelings for Ben. There's also Kyle to think about. Will he think Mibby is trying to replace his father with Ben?

To further complicate matters, a young stranger shows up on Mibby's doorstep, claiming to be Scott's daughter. Is this someone's idea of a cruel joke, or can it really be true? How well did Mibby really know her husband after all?

With her beautifully unique imagery, Patti Hill captures your attention from the first page of this book and holds it throughout the entire novel. LIKE A WATERED GARDEN is one of those books that only come along once in a blue moon, and Ms. Hill is a gifted writer with a promising future. I enjoyed reading the short journal entries at the beginning of each chapter, and the author's knowledge of gardening terminology adds to the authenticity of this fabulous novel. The dialog is excellent and the characters are everyday people we've all probably met in our own lives. Mibby is a young widow almost crippled with grief who wonders if there is hope in life again, and we are priviledged to journey with her through the valley of the shadow of death. As Mibby's faith grows, she begins to experience the freshness of a newly-dawning day, much LIKE A WATERED GARDEN after a long drought. I excitedly wait for the next book in this series ALWAYS GREEN by this talented debut author, coming later this summer.

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