Lila's Menage

Author: Jade James

Publisher: Silks Vault

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Ebook

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Seth Bane inadvertently finds his girlfriend’s diary one day poking out from under their mattress.  He knows he should put it back but is unable to override his curiosity and he begins to read.  What he finds written in those pages makes him want to fulfill those fantasies Lila has put to paper and he proceeds to plan his strategy.  The first thing on Seth’s list? Call his twin brother Stone.

Lila Barton loves Seth with her whole being.  The love she feels for him, however, doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about different aspects of their sexual relationship.  Lila wants to be tied up, held down, and made love to.  Not only that, but she also has wicked thoughts of a ménage with Seth’s brother, Stone. 


Days later, while standing behind a parking garage column, Seth watches his plan unfold.  Lila is walking to her car and is not aware she is being followed.  Suddenly, she is grabbed from behind, handcuffed, blindfolded, and abducted, just like he and Stone planned. The next thing on Seth’s list? Fulfill all of Lila’s fantasies forever.


LILA’S MENAGE by Jade James made me blush! Unapologetically erotic and in your face hot, I could not stop reading it.  Well written with an edginess that borders on D/s, I found myself reading slowly in order to savor every word.  Having been a fan of Ms. James since her first release, I feel comfortable saying that her writing keeps getting better and better with each novel published.  LILA’S MENAGE will be a book I read over and over.  I simply adored it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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